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As the badging ecosystem grows and evolves, building the research base is key. Data collection, analysis and dissemination are essential if badges are to fulfill their potential for transforming how we value and measure learning.

Browse the resource list below to learn more about current research and practices in badges for learning. Are we missing something interesting? Share it with info@ReconnectLearning.org so we can add it here.

Badge Experience

Creating Your Own Path

Mozilla's Mark Surman talks about learning pathways

What Is a Badge and Why Does it Matter?

Learning visionaries speak about what badges are and how they work for education

What Is a Badge?

Chicago Art Dept introduces the growing badge system

Open Badges for Lifelong Learning

Mozilla and Peer 2 Peer University explore the open badge ecosystem to support skill development and lifelong learning

Contribute to Open Badge Development

Join developer conversations and learn about how Open Badges are made and shared

Help Shape the Future of Open Badges

Discover and share information about badge system creation from design to issuing

Guide to Designing a Badge System

A simple Google Document that guides the creation of a badge system and its goals

Mozilla Badge System Design

Mozilla breaks down badge system design in a helpful Wiki

Platforms for Issuing Open Badges

Details on the many platforms that can be used for sharing Open Badge achievements

Open Badges Basics

Mozilla details their world of Open Badges

Badges: New Currency for Professional Credentials

Join a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) provided by Blackboard to learn about and discuss badges

Badges: New Currency for Professional Credentials [Videos]

A series of videos from WCET featuring projects and people changing learning

World of E's [Blog]

Blog of Erin Knight, Senior Director of Learning & Open Badges at Mozilla

Carla Casilli: Persona [Blog]

Blog of Carla Casilli, Badge System Lead at Mozilla

Lonely Lion [Blog]

Blog of Chris McAvoy, Engineering Lead at Mozilla

Jess Klein [Blog]

Blog of Jess Klein, Design Lead at Mozilla

Defining & Designing Badges

Introducing the DML Design Principles Documentation Project

Indiana University's Dan Hickey gives a project overview for DML's Badge Design Principles

Digital Badge Design Principles for Recognizing Learning

Part 1 in a four-part series, exploring badge learning recognition principles with Dan Hickey and Andi Rehak

Digital Principles for Assessing Learning with Digital Badges

Part 2 in a four-part series, exploring learning assesment principles with Dan Hickey and Rebecca Itow

Design Principles for Motivating Learning with Digital Badges

Part 3 in a four-part series, exploring learning motivation principles with Dan Hickey, Katerina Schenke and Cathy Tran

Research Design Principles for Studying Learning with Digital Badges

Part 4 in a four-part series, exploring principles of research design for studying badge learning with Dan Hickey

Participatory Design Culture and Terms of Badges

Mozilla's Jess Klein blogs about the conversations badges provide collaborators

Introducing Badges User Profiles

Culture blogger Emily Goligoski talks about her work with Mozilla on BadgeKit developing user profiles

Badge System Design: Standardization, Formalization & Uniqueness

Mozilla's Carla Casilli discusses badge infrastructure and design

Badge System Design: Seven Ways of Looking at a Badge System

Mozilla's Carla Casilli takes a look at seven different ways of sorting badge systems

Mozilla Open Badges: Another Take on the Shape of the Ecosystem

Mozilla's Carla Casilli talks about the community interaction that helps develop the Open Badges ecosystem

Open Badges & Badge System Design

Mozilla's Carla Casilli weighs the idea of Open Badges Infrastructure against that of Open Badges

Badge System Design: Investigating Assumptions

Mozilla's Carla Casilli discusses the intherent assumptions people have about badge learning

Badge Design Basics

Mozilla details their world of Open Badges

Motivation for Informal Learners

OER Research Hub discusses Mozilla's push to develop badge infrastructure

Prizes & Productivity: How Wining the Fields Medal Affects Scientific Output

Notre Dame University shares findings about scientific output based on medal achievements

Badges of Friendship: Social Influence and Badge Acquisition

How do people use microcredntials, badges and other formal markers of online reputation?

Sociocultural Theories of Motivation

Theories of motivation are changing as technology shapes our classrooms

Using Alternative Assessments in Vocational Education

The Rand Corporation shares four different alternative assessment types to gauge learning experiences

What Is "Significant Learning"?

University of Oklahoma professor Dr. L. Dee Fink explores how teachers can promote meaningful, "significant learning" in their course design

Report on the Assessment and Accreditation of Learners using OER

A report on the economics of disaggregated models for assessing and accrediting informal learners

Badge System Design: Beyond a Binary Approval System

Mozilla's Carla Casilli takes on the status quo of formal versus informal education pathways

Issuing, Earning, Displaying, Portfolios

Mozilla's Open Badges

The Mozilla Hub for Open Badge achievements

Issuing Mozilla's Open Badges

Learn about how to issue Open Badges at Mozilla's hub of information

Displaying Mozilla's Open Badges

From your Mozilla Backpack to your favorite social media outlets, share the badges you earn

Mozilla's Open Badges Community

Be part of the community and help shape the future of Open Badges

Mozilla OpenBadges on GitHub

A wiki overview of Mozilla's Open Badges ecosystem

Mozilla OpenBadges BadgeKit

Mozilla's full Open Badges BadgeKit

BadgeKit, the Why

Mozilla's Erin Knight explains the new BadgeKit tool and how it works

BadgeKit Basic Components

A more detailed look at BadgeKit, its information architecture and supporting APIs

BadgeKit MVP

Steps for a user to become a true BadgeKit MVP

BadgeKit at MozFest, Oh Mai!

The Open Badges team took BadgeKit to London's MozFest this summer to show off the new tool

Connected Educator Month has Open Badges

Organizers used badges to capture learning and professional development experiences in the Month's second year

BadgeKit: An Invitation to Innovation

Mozilla's Jess Klein talks about how BadgeKit's ability to provide lightweight, modular, open options for badgemakers

Examing the Quality of the Evidence in Preservice Teacher Portfolios

Indiana University scholars examine teacher education programs that use portfolio preparation

The Portfolio as Artifact and Actor

Researchers at Oslo University College present a paper on portfolios as pedagogical tools for assement in higher education

Positioning Portfolios for Participation

Dan Hickey writes on using portfolios and the artifacts they collect for assessment

Documenting Learning with e-Portfolios

A selection of case studies focused on portfolio assessments

RFC: Badge Validation

Erin Knight speaks on the Mozilla Foundation's plans for an open, distributed system for badge validation

Badge System Design: What We Talk About When We Talk About Validity

Mozilla's Carla Casilli discusses the validity, authority and meaningfulness in the badge issuing and earning process

What Youth Say When They Talk About Badges

Youth talk about digital badges and what they mean to them

Pathways, Leveling-Up, Currency

Digital Literacy Pathways in California

ICT's Leadership Council Action Plan Report

Expanding Education and Workforce Opportunities Through Digital Badges

Alliance for Excellent Education releases a report on the value of digital badge opportunities

The Badge Pathways Trilogy

Part Zero (The Prequel) of Carla Casilli's Badge Pathways blog trilogy

BadgeKit: Pathways and Paving the Path to Playful Design

Blogger Chloe Varelidi recounts her work with Mozilla's Open Badges team on BadgeKit

A Fl?ur? Thoughts On Open Badges Pathways

Blogger Chloe Varelidi talks about the Open Badges ecosystem and how it intersects with her own wandering learning pathways

Badge Directory: A Yelp for Badges

Mozilla's Jess Klein shares her early ideas (and sketches) for an Open Badges directory

Badgopolis: Form Follows Emotion

Mozilla's Jess Klein talks about the design and functionality of the Open Badges Backpack

Research Base & Evidence

Badge System Design: What We Talk About When We Talk About Validity

Mozilla's Carla Casilli discusses the validity, authority and meaningfulness in the badge issuing and earning process

Digital Badges: An Annotated Research Bibliography

A curated, annotated bibliography from HASTAC on digital badges research

Are Badges Useful in Education?

A research paper from the University of Pittsburgh says it depends upon the type of badge and the experties of the learner

Using Digital Badges to Assess Non-Credit Learning Outcomes [Slideshow]

A slideshow from Mozilla on digital badges and learning effectiveness

Measuring Alternative Educational Credentials

US Census Bureau reports on the value of alternative credentials and the impact they have on employment and earning power

STEM Badges: Current Terrain and the Road Ahead

Data collection and analysis from the New York Hall of Science

Branding, Marketing & Messaging

Badges of Friendship: Social Influence and Badge Acquisition

Microcredentials Research Group discusses building awareness in their Stack Overflow research paper

Technology Infrastructure & Tools

BadgeSafe for Canvas

Learn about BadgeSafe, a badge issuing application for teachers and students

Platforms for Issuing Open Badges

Details on the many platforms that can be used for sharing Open Badge achievements

Badge Achievements on Blackboard

Use badges on Blackboard to give recognition for what you teach

Best Practice: Put a Badge on It

Learn more about the ways others have used badges to inspire and encourage their students' learning

Connections within Ecosystem

Mozilla Open Badges: Building Trust Networks, Creating Value

Mozilla's Carla Casilli discusses the dynamic trust networks that Open Badges are built upon

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