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Summit to Reconnect Learning

The 2014 Open Badges Summit to Reconnect Learning brought together nearly 300 participants from around the world to work together on setting the course for the next evolution of Open Badges, a new approach to assessing learning and recognizing skills and competencies wherever they are learned—in school, on the job, in the community, or online.

Since emerging through a series of pilot projects like the Chicago Summer of Learning and supported by research initiatives like HASTAC, Open Badges have demonstrated the potential for disruptive innovation in the way we learn in today’s connected, digital world. Held February 12-13, 2014 in Silicon Valley, the Summit to Reconnect Learning was the first event to focus on moving Open Badges from the edges of innovation to the mainstream.

For K-12 schools, out-of-school programs, colleges and universities, as well as businesses and professional organizations, open digital badges are an increasingly popular way to verify and document skills and achievements that are not adequately measured by standardized tests and traditional resumes or diplomas.

“We have incredible learning resources, but they are highly fragmented and disconnected. What we desperately need is to connect the learning resources we have to the most important parts of kids’ world. That’s why badges are important,” said Connie Yowell, Director of Education at the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, speaking during the opening session of the Summit to Reconnect Learning.

In addition to Yowell, speakers at the Summit to Reconnect Learning included David Theo Goldberg of HASTAC, Nichole Pinkard of the Digital Youth Network, Michael Strautmanis of the Walt Disney Company, Jonathan Williams of Intel Corporation, Miguel Salinas of the Adobe Foundation, Cathy Lewis Long of The Sprout Fund, and more. See Livestream video captures of all speakers on the Speakers & Sessions tab.


Throughout the two-day summit, a wave of new business and education partners made public pledges committing to help accelerate the spread and scale of digital badges for learning.

Leading the pack of commitment pledges was the announcement of the formation of the Badge Alliance, a network of organizations and individuals building and enhancing an open badging ecosystem. This new entity will take lead responsibility for stewarding the Open Badges movement as it continues to evolve. Erin Knight, Director of Learning at Mozilla, will lead the Badge Alliance.

Among the other major announcements made at the Summit to Reconnect Learning, several major global education companies including Pearson, Blackboard, edX, workforce.io and others committed to integrating the Open Badges platform into their digital credentialing systems.

For a full list of organizations and initiatives announced at the summit, visit reconnectlearning.org/pledge.

Next Steps

The next evolution of the Open Badges for learning movement commenced immediately following the Summit to Reconnect Learning with the newly formed Badge Alliance recruiting working group members to dig into key issues, unanswered questions and important use cases. Individuals and organizations interested in joining the movement and contributing to the work of the Badge Alliance can become a member by visiting badgealliance.org.

On the ground, extensive badging systems will be deployed in cities throughout the US through the Cities of Learning initiative, an evolution of the successful 2013 Chicago Summer of Learning that used Open Badges to recognize participation and learning achievements in summer learning programs throughout the city.

About the Summit

The Open Badges Summit to Reconnect Learning was hosted by The Sprout Fund, supported by the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, and sponsored by the Information Technology Industry Council (ITI). Additional event partners include Mozilla, HASTAC, Digital Promise, and NestGSV.

Speakers & Sessions

The 2014 Open Badges Summit to Reconnect Learning featured remarks and presentations by thought leaders representing key stakeholders in the badges for learning movement, as well as announcements from organizations and businesses making new commitments to contribute to the next evolution of badges for learning.

Day 1: Opening Session

Karen Cator speaks at Summit to Reconnect Learning

Opening remarks from Karen Cator, Executive Director of the Digital Promise, Kayvan Baroumand, founder of NestGSV, and Cathy Lewis Long, Founding Executive Director of The Sprout Fund.

Watch the Livestream Video >
Connie Yowell speaks at Summit to Reconnect Learning
Connie Yowell (MacArthur Foundation) Opening Keynote

Connie Yowell, Director of Education at the MacArthur Foundation, discussed the transformations in learning and education and the possibilities afforded by Open Badges.

Watch the Livestream Video > View the Slideshare >

Day 1: Innovators & Exemplars

David Goldberg speaks at Summit to Reconnect Learning
David Theo Goldberg (DML Hub)
David Theo Goldberg, Director of the Digital Media and Learning Research Hub at the University of California Humanities Research Institute, discusses the potential for Open Badges to increase student engagement in school and the role of HASTAC in the development and evolution of badges for learning. Watch the Livestream Video > View the Slideshare >
Mark Surman speaks at Summit to Reconnect Learning
Mark Surman (Mozilla)

Mark Surman, Executive Director of the Mozilla Foundation, discusses the role of Mozilla in the development and continued evolution of Open Badges.

Watch the Livestream Video > View the Slideshare >
Chicago Summer of Learning presentation at Summit to Reconnect Learning
Chicago Summer of Learning

Erin Knight, Director of Learning at Mozilla, Nichole Pinkard, founder of Digital Youth Network, and Elizabeth Swanson, Deputy for Education in the Office of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, discuss the use of Open Badges to acknowledge participation and recognize skills learned by children and youth participants in the Chicago Summer of Learning in 2013.

Watch the Livestream Video > View the Slideshare >
Tim Riches speaks at Summit to Reconnect Learning
Tim Riches (DigitalMe)

Tim Riches, CEO of DigitalMe, discusses the potential for Open Badges to increase student engagement in school, the role of major employers in endorsing badges, and other trends shaping the wider badges ecosystem.

Watch the Livestream Video > View the Slideshare >

Day 1: Fireside Chat

Michael Strautmanis speaks at Summit to Reconnect Learning
Michael Strautmanis (Disney) & Connie Yowell (MacArthur)

Connie Yowell and Michael Strautmanis, Vice President of Signature Programs at the Walt Disney Company, discuss the essential role of creativity and imagination in learning, as well as the need to empower a new generation of creative problem solvers.

Watch the Livestream Video >

Day 1: Wrap-Up & Announcement

Badges Alliance announced at Summit to Reconnect Learning
The Badge Alliance

Erin Knight announces the formation of the Badge Alliance, a network of organizations and individuals building and enhancing an Open Badges ecosystem.

Watch the Livestream Video > View the Slideshare >

Day 2: Panel Discussions

Policy Panel at Summit to Reconnect Learning
Morning Panel on Policy

Public officials and government relations specialists discuss badges for learning, featuring Thelma Melendez of the Office of Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, Jonathan Williams of Intel Corporation, and Geoff Lane of the Information Technology Industry Council; moderated by Connie Yowell of the MacArthur Foundation.

Watch the Livestream Video >
Funding Panel at Summit to Reconnect Learning
Afternoon Panel with Funders

Public and private sector funders discussed investment in Open Badges, featuring Janice Earle of the National Science Foundation, Francesca Carpenter of Qatar Foundation International, Miguel Salinas of Adobe Foundation, and Jennifer Humke of the MacArthur Foundation; moderated by Cathy Lewis Long of The Sprout Fund.

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Day 2: Announcements

Cities of Learning announced at Summit to Reconnect Learning
Cities of Learning

The Badge Alliance, Mozilla, Digital Youth Network, and Achievery announce a collaborative effort to enable cities across America to capture and recognize learning using Badges.

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Blackboard announcement at Summit to Reconnect Learning

Katie Blot, Senior Vice President for Education Services at Blackboard, announces Blackboard's commitment to badges for learning by integrating Open Badges with MyEdu, a platform that helps college students build professional portfolios.

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Digital Promise announcement at Summit to Reconnect Learning
Digital Promise

Chris Drew, Director of Educator Initiatives at Digital Promise, announces Digital Promise's commitment to develop a micro-credentialing system for educators.

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Open Badges announcements at Summit to Reconnect Learning
Open Badges Adoption

Leading learning companies, including Pearson, Educational Testing Service (ETS), edX, the Afterschool Alliance, workforce.io, the Professional Examination Service, and the Council for Aid to Education announce the adoption of Mozilla Open Badges into existing platforms for certifying and acknowledging learning achievement.

Watch the Livestream Video > View the Slideshare >
Hive Learning Networks announcement at Summit to Reconnect Learning
Hive Learning Networks

Sam Dyson, Director of the Hive Learning Network in Chicago, announces that Hive Learning Networks across North America are committing to issue Hive Educator Badges.

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Day 2: Closing Session

Closing Reflections at Summit to Reconnect Learning
Reflections & Next Steps

The Summit concluded with closing reflections from Connie Yowell of the MacArthur Foundation, Erin Knight of the Badge Alliance, Jerry Isdale of Spacegambit, Ed Meier of Big Thought, Nate Otto of Indiana University, and other attendees.

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Working Groups

Working groups were a critical component of the Summit to Reconnect Learning. Composed of a diverse array of participants, 21 groups were assembled to represent a variety of badge audiences, various levels of awareness and experience with badging, and different potential roles within Open Badges (issuers, earners, endorsers, researchers, badge system designers, etc.).

Discussions were facilitated by Sprout Fund-trained moderators who led Working Groups through a process designed to help participants at all levels of the badge awareness spectrum discuss issues related to the conception and implementation of badge projects. One of the ultimate goals of the Working Group process was to enable participants to develop pledges that would commit their organizations to the shared effort to move the Open Badges movement forward.

About the Process

The facilitation process comprised a series of activities that began by asking each group to assess the 21st century learning landscape and the ways it is evolving, focusing on the people who make up that landscape, including both educators and learners.

Then, the groups drew on the expertise around the table to evaluate the current state of badges and foretell a desired future state of badges.

Next, each group devised pathways that used badges for learning as means to move from where we are to where we need to go.

From there, participants divided into teams to further develop preliminary project ideas into fully fledged concept posters and, in some cases, formal commitments describing ways they can advance the badge movement.

Emergent Themes

Several common themes emerged from the Working Group process. The most salient points are highlighted below along with selected quotes from Working Group participants:

Collaboration & Conversation

Participants expressed that the Summit was a great way to galvanize energy and enthusiasm about badges for learning; however, the growing badge ecosystem would benefit from increased collaboration and ongoing conversations – both across contexts and within affinity groups focused on specific topics.

  • “Coordinate partners and formalize learning pathways.”
  • “Create coalitions or strategic councils to champion the endorsement/acceptance/value of badges.”
  • “Build national frameworks of badges that are based on common criteria but offer flexibility in local implementation. For example, statewide afterschool networks all have program improvement processes that are similar but utilize different tools.”
Examples of Badges in Action

Participants are excited about the potential of badges for learning, but would love to see more examples of ways that badges are currently being employed and ways they can be employed in the future – case studies and the ever-growing knowledge bank are a step in the right direction.

  • “Develop a central portal to showcase best practices and build momentum for virtual exchange.”
  • “Unpack the Chicago Summer of Learning experience to help others move forward. Share lessons learned and resources online.”
  • “Create an interactive, searchable map of places where badges are working – afterschool, workforce, industry.”
Communications & Messaging

Participants expressed that they would benefit from the use of common language, the development of explicit definitions for badge-related terminology, and well-crafted messages that will help them spread the word about badges – put another way, we need to build the lexicon of badging.

  • “Better define the uses of badges.”
  • “Develop [and share] an elevator speech that explains badges.”
  • “Develop a PR campaign to key policy groups – Education Commission of the States, National Governors Association, National Superintendents Association, and business leaders. Example message: How badges help traditional and non-traditional learners in workforce.”
Technological Know-How

Participants noted that there is an ongoing need to train people how to use the technological resources that will allow digital badges to thrive, especially since the technology is still emerging and it must work across various platforms to be effective.

  • “Build a user friendly technological infrastructure.”
  • “Bring tech experts and youth together to design badge platform that is flexible enough to allow for self-driven goals.”
  • “Convene a technical group/authority that ensures the learner’s data can really be moved from Vendor A to Vendor B to Vendor C.”



The following individuals attended all or part of the 2014 Summit to Reconnect Learning. (Click on a column heading to sort the table.)

If you were a summit attendee and would like access to the complete directory of attendees with contact information, please contact summit@reconnectlearning.org to request a copy.

First Name Last Name Affiliation Group
ThomasAkivaUniversity of Pittsburgh21
KhalifAliCoro Center for Civic Leadership15
DavidAscherMozilla Foundation10
MichelleAubrechtOhio State University15
OyinladeAyandelePartnerships for Purpose
SandraBassTeach With Africa3
JenniferBeaganAllegheny Intermediate Unit5
GreggBehrGrable Foundation, The8
AlexaBelajacHeinz College, Carnegie Mellon University20
LeslieBellerMHA Labs18
DayaBergerParticipant Media5
MargaretBerminghamBig Thought8
StephenBestMichigan Department of Education2
MelissaBilesNew York University14
LucasBlairLittle Bird Games15
TimothyBlevinsFriend of Sprout
MaryBoldAccreditrust LLC6
PaulBooneSarah Heinz House Boys & Girls Club7
MichelleBoyersSchusterman Family Foundation1
BernardBullConcordia University Wisconsin12
ChelseaBurketFourth Economy Consulting21
ChristineCaputoFree Library of Philadelphia11
FrancescaCarpenterQatar Foundation International4
JeffCarterDigital Promise17
LaShaunCarterLearn4Life Columbus10
LeesaCarterCaptain Planet Foundation7
KarenCatorDigital Promise
PriyaChordiaPropper Daley7
TiffanyChowRoadtrip Nation9
An-MeChungMozilla Foundation
LeahClapmanPBS NewsHour13
EvanClevelandBig Thought8
JanetCoffeyGordon & Betty Moore Foundation21
SusanColbyMcKinsey & Company12
JenniferCollinsSan Francisco Public Library14
JimConnorSand Hill Angels3
KateCookTAG / Participant Media2
RyanCoonSprout Fund, The
GunnarCounselmanFidelis Education13
EliseCraneSan Francisco Human Services Administration13
DanielleCrumrineTree Pittsburgh9
DavidCrusoeBoys & Girls Clubs of America4
IngridDahlBay Area Video Coalition16
JeffDavisCalifornia AfterSchool Network4
KatieDavisUniversity of Washington Information School8
LisaDawleyGoGo Labs12
MelissaDeaseDallas Public Library9
JessDeCarolisReel Works20
TeresaDeFlitchWinchester Thurston School19
GigiDemingCarnegie Library of Pittsburgh-Brookline11
AnneDerryberrySage Road Solutions20
SunnyDeyeNational Conference of State Legislatures19
NicolettaDi BlasHOC-LAB, Politecnico di Milano2
JamesDiamondEducation Development Center16
JoeDillonAurora Public Schools9
MiaDocesCommittee for Children14
ChipDonohueErikson Institute17
ChrisDrewDigital Promise21
MarkDuncanBig Thought10
SamDysonMozilla Foundation8
JaniceEarleNational Science Foundation2
KerryEberhardtRandolph High School1
ElyseEidman-AadahlNational Writing Project9
MichaelEleeyDIgital On-Ramps20
MayaEnista SmithBorn This Way Foundation5
AmyEshlemanUrban Libraries Council8
AbbeyEspostoAspire Public Schools1
JadeForesterMozilla Foundation15
GordonFreedmanNational Laboratory for Educational Transformation18
RobertFriedmanMozilla Foundation20
MichelleFrisqueChicago Public Library11
MattGeeUniversity of Chicago11
RobertGehorsamInstitute of Play1
VanessaGennarelliPeer 2 Peer University16
JonathanGlencrossPurpose Capital18
JohnGlynnChicago Public Library5
David TheoGoldbergUCHRI
EvaGonda GreenNewSchools Venture Fund5
DennisGonzalezVoto Latino7
DanielleGoonanClinton Global Initiative2
JeffHamaouiFURTHER by Design13
EricHannanSan Francisco Public Library11
MattHanniganSprout Fund, The
RichardHartshorneUniversity of Central Florida6
AndrewHeffnerSaxifrage School, The6
DanHeleniusGreen Dot Public Schools2
CarolHentonInformation Technology Industry Council
MariaHibbsHive Chicago Fund for Connected Learning19
DanielHickeyIndiana University Learning Sciences17
SusanHildrethInstitute of Museum and Library Services16
AlexisHowardYWCA Greater Pittsburgh18
MacHowisonSprout Fund, The16
SethHuffordPeople Group LLC, The8
JenHumkeMacArthur Foundation
KarenJeffreyForall Systems10
PaulJesukiewiczCarney Labs14
AleneJohnsonGraduate Student11
ErikaJohnsonPittsburgh Center for Creative Reuse10
HalimaJohnsonCooper-Hewitt National Design Museum15
AJJorgensonManufacturing Institute, The1
JosephKahneMills College5
JeremyKamoFURTHER by Design18
DanielKaufmanThird Plateau Social Impact Strategies18
CharlesKerchnerClaremont Graduate University5
AshleyKincaidPi Lambda Theta/PDK International18
PuneetKishorCreative Commons18
ErinKnightMozilla Foundation
MaartenKoetsWorld Press Photo Foundation19
EricKorbAccreditrust Corporation16
RachelKropaCreative Artists Agency12
StacyKrusePragmatic Solutions, Inc.3
T. VarugisKurienMicrosoft11
CarlKurlanderSteeltown Entertainment Project20
ColeLandSteeltown Entertainment Project6
GeoffLaneInformation Technology Industry Council2
MichaelLaRosaRelay Graduate School of Education18
AkiliLeeDigital Youth Network21
BobLenzEnvision Education9
Anuar AndresLequericaGame. Play. Learn!21
KatieLevedahlCalifornia Academy of Sciences15
CathyLewis LongSprout Fund, The
JessicaLindlGlassLab Games19
MichaelLuriaChildren's Museum Tucson11
BrianMadiganCourse Hero, Inc.3
SybilMadison-BoydDigital Youth Network, DePaul University
HeatherMallakCarlow University12
MichaelMarrinerRoadtrip Nation3
AkilahMartinDePaul University14
MaryMaslaOregon Afterschool for Kids4
ChrisMcAvoyMozilla Foundation
Mary AliceMcCarthyNew America Foundation2
MollieMcGillWICHE Cooperative for Educational Technologies (WCET)12
EdMeierBig Thought11
BillyMeinkeCreative Commons10
KathrynMeisnerHive Toronto, Mozilla7
ThelmaMelendezCity of Los Angeles6
LaurenMerkerLos Cenzontles Mexican Arts Center5
TerryMilesEducation Growth Advisors17
BryanMillerFoundation for CCC4
MikeMillsSociety for Science & the Public9
EllieMitchellMaryland Out of School Time Network4
TawaMitchellOffice of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel9
LynnMelander MooreMozilla Foundation19
LuisMoraLos Angeles Unified School District20
KristaMoroderDigital Promise13
MichelleNavarre ClearyDePaul University13
ChayaNayakSweet Water Foundation21
JoannaNormoyleUC Davis Agricultural Sustainability Institute14
PaulOhNational Writing Project4
MarkOtterVIF International Education6
NateOttoIndiana University12
RikPanganibanCalifornia Academy of Sciences
DevinParsonsPenn Hill Group17
ChhandasiPatelHeising-Simons Foundation12
AlexPažuchanicsPA State Representative Erin Molchany13
KylePeckPenn State University7
CatherinePenkertCity of Saint Paul21
DanicaPetroshiusPenn Hill Group19
AaronPickJames Irvine Foundation, The2
NicholePinkardDePaul University
CurtissPorterCity of Pittsburgh7
CarriePortisJames Irvine Foundation8
LeahPotterAmerican Social History Project (CUNY)20
EmmanuelPrattSweet Water Foundation5
MichaelPrestonNYC Department of Education, Office of Postsecondary Readiness7
JonPriceIntel Corporation3
StevePriceFresno State1
ChuckPrzybylChicago Art Department10
TheresaRamosFree Library of Philadelphia14
LaurenRappChicago Public Education Fund, The9
MauriceReederGeneral Assembly10
JohnRhoadesUnited Way of Allegheny County1
KevinRiebauAurora Public Schools12
JenRinehartAfterschool Alliance4
MichaelRobbinsSpan Learning10
AnnaRobertsWorking Examples8
MartensRocAlliance for Excellent Education19
BryanRogersU.S. Department of Labor6
DavidRothAspire Public Schools4
MiguelSalinasAdobe Foundation3
HillarySalmonsProvidence After School Alliance4
CathySandeenAmerican Council on Education16
RosannaSatterfieldNJ Center for Teaching and Learning12
ChristianSchunnUniversity of Pittsburgh1
RiaSengupta BhattInforming Change7
KelseySheehyDigital Promise
RachelShepherdSteeltown Entertainment Project3
AdamShuckPittsburgh City Council, District 417
AnarSimpsonParallel Earth19
ElisabethSoepYouth Radio18
ChadSoleoGreen Dot Public Schools1
NatSotiChicago Art Department15
LeslieSpringLibraries/City of Saint Paul11
ScottStaubFriends of the SF Public Library5
K-FaiSteeleFree Library of Philadelphia11
ConstanceSteinkuehlerUniversity of Wisconsin-Madison20
DustinStiverSprout Fund, The
MichaelStrautmanisWalt Disney Company, The19
AndrewStutzmanDrexel University8
BethSwansonOffice of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel8
D'AnnSwansonGrable Foundation, The2
AlexTaghavianLinked Learning Alliance7
StephanieTeasleyUniversity of Michigan16
KamilaThigpenAfterschool Alliance4
LoydThompsonTech 2000, Inc.7
BlairTomFURTHER by Design16
VanTon-QuinlivanCalifornia Community Colleges - System Office1
CathyTsaiParticipant Media3
BethUnverzagtOregon Afterschool for Kids4
ChloeVarelidiMozilla Foundation
RichardVarnEducational Testing Service18
JessicaVon SchellIntel Corporation7
ChelseaWaiteDigital Promise
DavidWashingtonPartnerships for Purpose
ValoraWashingtonCDA Council for Professional Recognition
AssafWeiszPurpose Capital21
DouglasWestonGreen Dot Public Schools9
ShelleyWhelptonArabella Advisors12
JonathanWilliamsIntel Corporation
CatherineWoodDisney Learning13
MilaYochumAPOST, United Way of Allegheny County4
ConnieYowellMacArthur Foundation

Partners & Acknowledgements

The Open Badges Summit to Reconnect Learning was hosted by The Sprout Fund, supported by the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, and sponsored by the Information Technology Industry Council (ITI). Additional event partners included Mozilla, HASTAC, Digital Promise, and NestGSV.

On behalf of all participants, The Sprout Fund gratefully acknowledges the following individuals for their contributions to the success of the Summit.

Badge Visionaries Group

Carla Casilli
Karen Cator
An-Me Chung
Megan Cole-Karagory
Anne Derryberry
Nicoletta Di Blas
Chris Drew
Todd Edebohls
Elyse Eidman-Aadahl
Deborah Everhart
Damian Ewens
Annie Rose Favreau
Leah Gilliam
David Theo Goldberg
Emily Goligoski
Sheryl Grant
Dan Hickey
Mari Huertas
Jen Humke
Jess Klein
Erin Knight
Eleanor Laurans
Sunny Lee
Kerri Lemoie
Cathy Lewis Long
Geoffrey MacDougall
Sybil Madison-Boyd
Kara Marchione
Chris McAvoy
Lynn Melander Moore
Devin Parsons
Danica Petroshius
Nichole Pinkard
Tim Riches
Ruth K. Schmidt
Robert Torres
Connie Yowell

MacArthur Foundation

Connie Yowell
Jen Humke
Jules Squire
Karen Hott

Mozilla Foundation

Mark Surman
Erin Knight
An-Me Chung
Megan Cole

Information Technology Industry Council

Dean Garfield
Geoff Lane


David Theo Goldberg
Sheryl Grant

Digital Promise

Karen Cator
Chris Drew
Chelsea Waite


Kayvan Baroumand
Craig Pottruck
Marisa Hudlin
Rodolfo Rodriguez
Amir Akbari

Communications Team

David Washington, Partnerships for Purpose
Yosi Sergant, Taskforce
David Markland, Taskforce
Peter Mitchell, Salter>Mitchell
Sara Isaac, Salter>Mitchell
Maggie Lawrence, Salter>Mitchell


Camila Folkmann
Bruno Padua
Sarah Cocco

Event Photography

Ben Filio

Graphic Facilitation

Nevada Lane, Lane Change Consulting

Working Group Moderators

Khalif Ali
Alexa Belajac
Stephan Bontrager
Paul Boone
Chelsea Burket
Maureen Copeland
Danielle Crumrine
Teresa DeFlitch
Gigi Deming
Andrew Heffner
Alexis Howard
Seth Hufford
Erika Johnson
Heather Mallak
Ebony McKinney
Lauren Merker
Alex Pažuchanics
John Rhoades
Adam Shuck
Kate Stoltzfus

Sprout Staff

Cathy Lewis Long
Matt Hannigan Ryan Coon
Mac Howison
Dustin Stiver
Timothy Blevins
Jeremy Zerbe

Media Kit

For the full Summit media kit, please click here.