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Badges for Learning

As the digital age ushers in new possibilities for where and how people learn, digital badges are transforming how we document achievement.

Like the physical badges used for centuries by the military and scouting organizations, digital badges serve as markers of accomplishment. But digital badges created on the Mozilla Foundation’s Open Badges platform are portable and verifiable, allowing learners to showcase work, document skill sets and competencies, and create a robust portrait of their abilities wherever they were acquired: whether in school, in the community, on the job or online.

Reconnect Learning is an outgrowth of efforts to both research and support the growing badge ecosystem. From the 2011 launch of the Badges for Lifelong Learning Competition to the creation of Mozilla’s Open Badges platform, work around badging has intensified in recent years. Led by MacArthur, HASTAC and Mozilla, Reconnect Learning is designed to support and encourage conversation, innovation, research, design and implementation of digital badging.

Ready to learn more about badges – or dive deeper into badge development and design? Choose a starting point below.

Badges 101

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Learn more about how badges are transforming learning, assessment and credentialing. Watch a video that was prepared for the Clinton Global Initiative America meeting in June 2013, or read the report on digital badges by Mozilla and the Alliance for Excellent Education.

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Technical Platforms

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Open Badges

Mozilla's open source platform for badges allows users to earn, issue and display badges. You can use the Open Badges free software and open technical standard to create secure, portable, verifiable digital badges.

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Cities of Learning

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The first City of Learning was launched in Chicago in Summer 2013; major cities nationwide are expanding the initiative in 2014. Public-private partnerships use badges to encourage learning in after-school settings and to prevent summer learning loss.

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Badges 201

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Badge with Achievery

Make and earn digital badges and credentials with Achievery.

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Digital Youth Network

Build a badge with the DYN design framework and curriculum toolkit.

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WICHE Cooperative for Educational Technologies

Learn about the role badges may play in professional credentialing.

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Badges in action

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Case Studies

Read case studies that explore successful badge systems implemented by the Chicago Summer of Learning, the Providence After School Alliance and the Young Adult Library Services Association.

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Digital Me

See how a UK nonprofit is using Open Badges.

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Bill Clinton

“For a person to remain competitive in today’s workforce, there must be continual learning. But traditional assessment tools are narrow in scope and often aren’t able to communicate everything a person knows or has achieved. In order to capture the many and often informal ways that students and workers acquire knowledge and skills, and to enable institutions to recognize their accomplishments, we must embrace a more modern and comprehensive credentialing system.”

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