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Reconnect Learning in the 21st Century

In today’s world, many learning environments exist beyond traditional classroom walls. Digital badges are a promising new way to reconnect learning to the demands and possibilities of our times. By leveraging interest-driven learning and recognizing skills and competencies wherever they are acquired, badges can illuminate unique and personalized pathways to job, career and civic success. Moving beyond credentials based on test scores and “seat time” helps learners, employers and educators alike.

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    BADGES can document skills and competencies wherever they are acquired – in school, in the community, on the job or online – and showcase the higher-order thinking skills the global economy demands.

    This recognition lets anyone of any age or situation pursue their passions, showcase achievements and create a custom pathway into an engaged and productive future.

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    Badges can link employers to job seekers who have the right skills for the position. Unlike a resume or traditional college – which may not tell a learner's whole story – badges can provide a more robust portrait of a job applicants creative, technical and higher-order thinking skills and competencies.

    Through badging, employers can also track the professional progress of current employees to justify promotions and improve retention while signaling to higher education, job training institutions, and students which skills and competencies are most in demand.

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    Badges can help institutions of higher education select right-fit applicants from pools of both traditional and nontraditional students. Badges can provide a more robust portrait of applicants' academic and creative passions and achievements, helping admissions officers better identify a diverse array of students who can contribute a vibrant campus community.

    Colleges and universities can also use badges to supplement traditional grading systems. By documenting students' higher-order thinking skills and real-world application of knowledge, badges can help prepare students to become productive and engaged workers and citizens.

Why Badges?

For Students
and Other Learners

Badges can document creative and technical skills, help inspire a love of learning, create links to peers and mentors with shared interests, and illuminate unique pathways to college and career success.

For Workers
and Job Seekers

Badges can create clear signals for high-demand skills, clarify pathways to promotion, and verify skills and competencies learned in non-school environments such as in the military, on the job or in the community.

For Employers
and Educational Institutions

Badges are an emerging way to document skill mastery and higher-order thinking that cannot be measured by standardized tests or demonstrated by “seat time,” making it easier to identify right-fit applicants.